Jul 24, 2007

Tim Nudd's Own AdCritic

My favorite AdFreaker, Tim Nudd, has been posting noteworthy TV spots to YouTube, thus creating something like a free version of AdCritic.

(UPDATE: Nick, from AdCritic, just wrote in to say that with their new site redesign, all the content on AdCritic, now known as creativity-online.com, will be free for the first seven days it's up. Way to go, Nick.)

This spot from Cingular, via BBDO, is one of my favorites. It does a great job of telling a fairly complex retail story in 30 seconds, staying focused on the product while entertaining us. The writing is very well done too: this could have been a disaster in lesser hands.

And, as per American Copywriter, it's been nominated for an Emmy, which made me happy because retail spots like this often get overlooked by award shows.

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