Jul 2, 2007

Your Brand Is Not My Friend-- More Sightings

Today's Wall Street Journal has a story entitled "Young Surfers Spurn Banner Ads, Embrace "Widgets"." Relevant quote, from Samantha Skey, exec. VP of Strategic Marketing at Alloy Media + Marketing:
Kids have come to view [social-network profile pages] as their yearbook page. It's their collage. It's very personal.

A further reading of the article reveals that all of the widgets in question are being placed by movie and other entertainment companies to promote their shows. Which, in this toad's opinion, is pretty much a no-brainer: kids will put movie widgets on their sites because they identify with movie characters and because it's socially acceptable to say, be that into Harry Potter. But they're not going to put a Diet Pepsi widget on their site because it's not at all socially acceptable to be that into Diet Pepsi.

When will brand marketers realize that tactics that work for entertainment brands are not easily transferred to consumer brands?

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