Sep 28, 2007

The Real Story

Not really YouTube. Watch it here.

While today's New York Times advertising column features a rewrite of a press release about some stunt from Unilver's Axe brand, the really interesting story in the business section is this one about how big law firms are turning to YouTube (or, more accurately, a YouTube imitation) in an attempt to recruit law students.

And while the creative is what it is, the idea and use of media is a whole lot hipper than what so many of our clients are up to. So next time someone "just isn't too sure about all this new stuff" you can point out how even conservative law firms in conservative Boston are using it.


RFB said...

A partner and I were talking about this last week, how to harness law firms, traditionally late to any new advertising vehicle, into the "social media" arena."

I note the consultants charged the law firm 75K for some pretty easy work.

To quote Steven Tyler: "I wanna get me some o 'dat."

Actually, that was probably Tyler ripping off James Brown.

Alan Wolk said...

Maybe. Depends on if the production costs for the videos were included in the $75K and how many extra staffers/freelancers salaries had to come out of it. (e.g. producers, editors, flash programmers et al.)

If they got $75K exclusive of any production costs, then that's a pretty sweet deal.

Anonymous said...


I have just picked up a large law firm and one of the ways I am looking at getting their message out is YouTube. By the way, they hired me not to sell or market anything but to share information that others may need. This is going to be fun.

Alan Wolk said...

@Lewis: Marketing law firms-- which keep getting bigger and bigger-- is definitely a challenge. While much legal advertising is of the 1-800-Accident variety, big firms need to come off with the same level of authority and class as large corporations.

Good luck with the project.