Oct 1, 2007

Toad Debuts On Daily Fix

If you're really looking to avoid work today, you can read even more of me over at Marketing Profs Daily Fix. The editor there, Ann Handley, has a great mix of contributing writers who cover a really broad range of writers. She herself writes for The Huffington Post, which is about as good as it gets in terms of online journalism.

For me, it's a chance to reach a slightly different audience-- Daily Fix is mostly read by the people we creatives call "clients" -- and thus get a different point of view.

You can check it out here.


Anonymous said...


I am really excited about you joining the Daily Fix crew. Reading your post this morning gave me a second look at your thinking and your writing. Good stuff! I am adding The Toad Stool to my list of must reads.

Alan Wolk said...

Thank you Lewis. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I'll quote Tim Berry here:

"He's got a strong gust of very refreshing real air..."

(from http://blog.timberry.com/2007/10/more-creepy-fac.html)

Isn't that awesome? Welcome, Toady!

Alan Wolk said...

Thank you Ann. I'm thrilled to be posting on Daily Fix and expanding my audience. Some great perspectives on there too.

I will check out the link you posted here.