Mar 17, 2008

Get Sharp Teeth

I just finished reading a phenomenally great book called Sharp Teeth, a video excerpt of which you can see above. And the experience was made all the more phenomenally great by the fact that I actually know the author, Toby Barlow. Toby and I worked together at JWT (back when it was still J. Walter Thompson) and were simpatico enough that we could actually take turns rewriting a single script or piece of copy until we were both satisfied with it.

Only now he’s gone on to write a critically acclaimed book which is way beyond my meager talents. While the book is technically a werewolf story, it’s a werewolf story the way John Gardner’s Grendel is a monster story. Sharp Teeth is deep, lyrical, moving, well-paced and beautifully written. One of those books you’re sad to get to the end of because you so enjoyed visiting with the characters every time you picked it up.

Toby—who, in addition to being a nice guy, is currently a Creative Director at JWT in Detroit , as well as a regular on the Huffington Post—has gotten some major props for this book, from people as diverse as Nick Hornby and David Mamet. He’s also received rave reviews from publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, The Independent (UK) and New York magazine.

And if I’ve gotten any of you interested in buying his book, you can just CLICK HERE to buy it at Amazon.

Should you need further convincing, you can check out the other except on YouTube and then, when you're done watching CLICK HERE to buy it at Amazon.

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