Mar 21, 2008

Finally, Someone Is Listening

Courtesy of my other British blogging buddy, LunarBBDO, is this TV commercial from VW that is all about their new UK website.

You read that correctly. Finally, someone has figured out that if you have a website that you actually use to sell things, a place where someone will go TO ACTUALLY BUY YOUR CAR, that it makes a whole lot of sense to drive as many people as possible to that website. And that TV is still the best way to drive a whole lot of people anywhere.

Even better, from a Toadian perspective, is that the spot alludes to the utility of the website, comparing its functionality and ease of use to the VW's functionality and ease of use. (People like easy-to-use, highly functional websites better than ones with lots of cool-looking flash.)

It's pretty revolutionary, given that most companies (and agencies) still subscribe to the "Clicking Through The Internet" theory that says if you put something up online, people will be clicking though the internet the same way the click through their cable TV line-up at home and eventually find the site.

For real.

Kudos to whoever did this.

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