Mar 20, 2008

On The Other Hand

So remember how I was dissing Hulu the other day?

Well, maybe they're not so bad after all.

Mrs. T was trying to explain the old "Cheezburger, Cheezburger" SNL skit to the Tadpoles just now and I suggested that she might find it on Hulu.

And there it was, along with a few hundred other classic SNL skits. (The skit is officially called "Olympia Restaurant" and was inspired by a diner the cast used to frequent near the studio. Places like this were fairly common in NYC in the 70s.)

Hulu makes it easy to link and share and embed all their video, so I'm posting it here for you. Some of my readers may be too young to remember this, but it was one of the skits that made Saturday Night Live famous back in the day. Take note of the people smoking in the restaurant and other period details... and also how not-that-different-than-2008 it looks otherwise (this is from 1978, I believe)


UPDATE: Seems you need to watch a :15 or :30 pre-roll commercial first. Curious as to your reactions to that. And if you click on the video as it opens, it will take you to the actual Hulu site where you can watch it full screen.

UPDATE 2: Seems that Hulu doesn't work in certain other countries. Or anywhere outside the US. Let me know if it blocks you like it did Dun.

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