Jun 16, 2008

Advertising's Fifth Column

The-blogger-formerly-known-as-SuperSpy-but-currently-known-as-Sabrina-Duncan (yes, after the Kate Jackson character on Charlie's Angels) has launched a new site that promises to be most interesting.

It's called Advertising's Fifth Column, and here's how she describes it:
I've decided to collect suggestions/ideas by agency about how each shop hires, fires, pitches, rewards, promotes, wastes money, creates, bills or brainstorms. I will then organize the input, shove it into a PDF and email all the suggestions to the appropriate VPs and CEOs. Then, the advertising media. After that, I'll get someone to ring them up and get a response for the record, which will then be posted on the site.
The site has no affiliation with Media Bistro (her previous employers) and the comments that are currently up there are of the earnest-and-helpful variety, not the snarky-and-bitter type, and I'm hoping that tonality will continue.

It's definitely worth taking a look at participating in if you've got something useful to add.

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