Jun 12, 2008

The Toad Speaks

So last night I did my first speaking gig, a panel discussion with (from left to right) Christina Kerley (CK's Blog), Paul Soldera (Insight By Design) and David Berkowitz (Inside The Marketer's Studio).

The topic (as indicated above) was "Social Media and the Tech Entrepreneur" and our hosts were Ralf Schmelter and Carsten R├╝bsaamen, two-thirds of the team behind VentureRoadTrip.com a project they've undertaken to videotape interviews with "high-impact serial entrepreneurs and investors on their personal stories and experiences in building up companies."

We were the first marketers they spoke with.

Carsten manned the camera, Ralf ably conducted the interview and the resulting videos will soon be available to watch online-- I'll be posting links next week.

It was a great experience, made somewhat easier by the fact that I seem to have been born without whatever gene it is that causes fear of public speaking. And the panel format will save you from having to hear a full hour's worth of me.

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