Jun 27, 2008

Worth Checking Out

Two nice blog posts worth checking out this weekend:

David Armano, over at Logic + Emotion writes about the mistakes marketers are making right now in "Marketing's Wheel of Misfortune." It's got one of his trademark graphics on it and it's a nice easy-to-digest summary of all that ails us these days. Good summer reading that will have you nodding along in agreement. (And the graphic is a good thing to print out and have on hand next time you find yourself in one of those situations.)

Jason Heller has an excellent-- and very true-- rant over on his blog The Digital Blur. It's called It's Not A Magical Parallel Universe, It's Just The Internet and it covers all the ways that traditional and digital agencies shoot themselves-- and each other in the foot by not playing well together. It offers a very common sense approach to looking at the changing media landscapes and even provides some link love for a very special blogger. A bit weightier and more thought provoking than the first piece, but definitely worth spending some time with.

Finally, I'm going to spread the word about a wonderful little app I've discovered. It's called PandoraBoy and it's definitely changed how I listen to music at work. It's nothing more than a free-standing client app for Pandora, the internet music service that lets you create your own personalized radio stations. Pandora normally works through a browser and I was forever accidentally closing the window it was open it, thus reducing its daily use viability. But with Pandora Boy I can listen to any of the dozens of stations I've created without having to worry about accidentally quitting. Small thing, but it's made me very happy this week, so I thought I'd share.

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