Jun 16, 2008

New Color Scheme + Act of Technological Genius

So last night I got the bright idea of changing the color scheme on the blog, something I'd thought was going to take me all of 90 seconds.


It seems that when you change the layout in blogger, you mess up the whole Disqus thing.
So that suddenly a whole month's worth of comments disappeared. (Either that, or two year's worth of Blogger comments.) Disqus has this giant gaping flaw right now where you can enable it from the day you integrate it into your blog or from the very beginning. You just can't choose the date where you start. Which is fine if you are starting to blog or integrating Disqus for the first time.

Not so fine if you've already been using it for a month.

Before I went to sleep I left a question on the Disqus message board, which Daniel Ha, who started Disqus, actually responded to fairly quickly. (But only to ask if I was thinking of moving to WordPress. I'm not.)

Anyway, when I awoke this morning, I had a brainstorm: what if I tricked the computer into thinking it was a month ago. I reset the date in my preferences, reintegrated Disqus, and for some reason this worked: all the old and new comments are visible, in the right place and whatnot. I was even able to enable video comments and make the comment area less narrow.

Now if you know the slightest thing about HTML (I don't) fixing the problem is probably pretty easy. But I was pretty impressed with myself for figuring our this jerryrigged solution.

A less self-congratulatory post on a marketing related topic will appear later today.

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