Jul 15, 2008

eSellerate Has A Customer For Life - A Heartwarming Tale of Customer Service

This is a wonderful customer service story that I wanted to draw your attention to.

Once upon a time there was a piece of software called Volume Logic. It was a very useful piece of software that improved the sound of iTunes when you played it from your computer. Even if you were wearing headphones.

Volume Logic was so useful, in fact, that I actually paid cash money to own a copy. I mean the difference in sound quality was really noticeable.

And we all lived happily ever after until one day Leopard appeared. (Or at least a Macintosh operating system with the same name.)

You see, when I upgraded iTunes to Leopard, Volume Logic did not go along with it. It refused to operate and claimed my serial number was invalid. Which left iTunes sounding all tinny and AM radio like.

So I turned to the wise old Google, which pointed out to me that Plantronics, the company that made Volume Logic, had actually stopped making it. Close to a year ago, in fact.


But some further googling revealed that a company called eSellerate were the people who sold it to me. I wrote to them and they were able to provide me with a copy of my receipt, along with the original serial number, just from my email address.

But alas, even re-entering the serial number did not work.

So I wrote back to eSellerate. And lo and behold, two very nice guys named Jamie Brown (my main contact) and Jeremy (his back-up, who actually jumped in and wrote me back when Jamie was out!) spent several weeks trying different ways to get Volume Logic-- a product their company no longer sold-- to work for me. I'm talking about a half dozen emails back and forth, with prompt good-natured replies and a decent amount of time and effort on their behalf.

And finally, last week, it worked. My Volume Logic is up and running again and Jamie, Jeremy and eSellerate are my new Customer Service Heroes.

Nicely done guys. And much appreciated.

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