Jul 17, 2008

Now Playing: Paper Clips

Today's Walt Mossberg column in The Wall Street Journal was about snagfilms.com, a great new site that lets you watch and share documentary films. These are real documentaries - everything from the film you see above, which ran in theatres, to Morgan Spurlock's Supersize Me. It's a great way to support documentary filmmakers and it's very easy to add a movie to your blog and it's totally free.

Paper Clips is the story of the children of rural Whitwell, Tennessee who collected 6 million paper clips representing the 6 million Jews killed in the Shoah. I've seen it before and it's a very well done documentary and well worth watching.

Your feedback on how the technology works is encouraged along with reviews of the film itself. If it works, I might make this a regular weekly or monthly feature.

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