Jul 31, 2008

Power Fix

Not that I should care about these things, but I was kind of surprised the other day when I noticed that my Ad Age Power 150 ranking had fallen from its usual spot in the 150-165 range to about 210. Figuring it was a temporary glitch I ignored it, but as my ranking continued to sink-- down to about 230-- without any noticeable change in traffic on this end, I figured the problem must be mechanical.

So I shot off an email to Todd and Charlie at Power 150 headquarters today at around 11:30 AM. By 1:30, Charlie had identified and fixed the problem and I was back to my more usual rank in the pecking order.

A two-hour turnaround like that is exemplary customer service. Even if it is just for a blog ranking list. Way to go Todd and Charlie. I am impressed.

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