Sep 24, 2007

The Human Flipbook

Saw this on Adpulp and thought it was great. It's for a quirky Midwestern sandwich chain with the equally quirky name Erbert & Gerberts. I'm a sucker for a good flip book, especially a human one.

If you share my enthusiasm, definitely check out the site where you can also see a fascinating-yet-relatively-short video on the making of "Human Flipbook." I usually find these sort of "Making Of" videos incredibly tedious, but this one is well done and the process is really quite interesting.

Kudos to the agency, Colle + McEvoy*, out of Minneapolis for making a spot that's entertaining, appeals to a broad demograpic, and (more importantly) manages to make the client's product a natural part of the entertainment.

*WARNING: Colle + McEvoy's website makes loud pounding noises upon loading in clear violation of Toad's Law Against Agency Websites That Play Music Or Make Loud Noises Upon Loading. Deduct 10 points.


Lunar BBDO said...

The new Orange (mobile phone company) ad over here is an entire flipbook. I can't find it on the net but I believe it's by Fallon London.

raafi said...

If we're talking t-shirts, I like to get down like this. Still, you've got to respect analog. Clearly there's a right way to make a video about an advertisement for a sub, and there's the other way.