Mar 31, 2008

Breaking 200

So for the first time (to my knowledge, anyway) - The Toad Stool has broken through the 200 barrier, landing at #181 with a bullet.

Thanks to all of you for your loyalty and support.


Anonymous said...

You've certainly worked hard for it! Congratulations.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

congrats! Couldn't happen to a nicer toad.

Anonymous said...

But where do YOU rank Advertising Age?

Anonymous said...

wow tom! hadn't thought of it that way. think you just blew my mind ;-)

well done toad. you earned it. do i get points for being a consistent commenter from back in the day?

ps: everyone should read steve martin's new book. just do.

Alan Wolk said...

Thanks all!
And yes, TSR, you definitely get many points for being my most loyal and consistent commenter!
Not to mention a beer or two next time you're in NYC.

Anonymous said...

congrats :)