Jan 7, 2009

Another Cool Use Of Twitter

Alex Wipf and I used to share an office back in the day when we both worked at Atmosphere. He's since moved on to become Head of Planning at Leo Burnett back in his native Germany, but we've kept up on and off over the years and social media tools have certainly made that easier as of late.

Alex has been a tour of Australia for the past month and he's been keeping his friends updated via Twitter throughout the trip.

He doesn't over-tweet-- just an update or two a day, plus the occasional map or picture. But it's been great to go along with him on this lengthy trip, so to speak, and hear about what he's been up to as he's experiencing it.

Now I can't imagine caring about Alex's vacation if he wasn't a friend of mine, but since he is, I'm finding it a very cool way to use the medium.

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