Jan 20, 2009

Time For iYahoo?

So I had really come to rely on the iPhone optimized iGoogle home page.

I had it set up so that every morning I could read the New York Times headlines, the local weather and my Google calendar (with appointments) all from the same page.

It was a great solution and the page looked really nice. But this weekend, Google pulled the plug on the iPhone optimized page, redirecting it to the cheesy looking mobile page. Where Google calendar and the Wall Street Journal feed don't work and the rest of the functionality is pretty useless.

What's worse- they didn't tell anyone- like nearly every other pissed-off user on this Google help forum page, I thought my phone was broken for a day or so. Really a bad move on Google's part.

This creates a golden opportunity for others, Yahoo in particular, to create iPhone optimized versions of their portal pages. Let's see if they grab it.

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