Jan 26, 2009

Those Who Ignore History Are Doomed To Repeat It

Dave Trott is a UK ad legend whose influence extends way beyond the London ad scene.

His blog, simply called Dave Trott's Blog is a real inspiration in that he shares all he's learned over the past decades and it's all still incredibly relevant and important to the challenges we face today.

Anyone who's read this blog for a while knows that I am skeptical of "experts," "thought leaders" and the like.

But Trott is the real deal. So much basic knowledge of how marketing should work is lost on those working in digital media and (particularly) social media because of their insistence that all the old rules should go out the window. Oh, and because some of them never actually worked in marketing, advertising, PR or corporate communications.

But I digress.

Read Trott's blog. You will learn so much more from it than from any self-evident list of "Ten Great Ways To Improve Your Tweeting."


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