Jan 6, 2009

Stanza Rocks

To start off my New Year’s resolution to use this blog in a more Tumblr-esque fashion, I wanted to alert you all to the very cool things happening with iPhone’s book-reading app Stanza.

The classic novels and unknown authors have been supplemented by a bunch of hot new work from Random House and other publishers.

To wit: I downloaded David Liss’ new book The Whiskey Rebels last night. For free.

I’ve enjoyed two of Liss’ previous books—A Conspiracy of Paper and The Coffee Trader. His stuff makes for great bedtime reading in that they’re on the literate end of the mystery genre. And I’m always a sucker for historical novels.

Stanza’s interface is very easy to use- tapping the right side of the screen advances the page forward, tapping the left side send you backwards.

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