Feb 11, 2007

Enough Already

Dear Loud-Mouthed Liberals:

Please. We all know that George Bush is an idiot. That his administration is a failure. That his advisers are knuckleheads. That there were no WMDs.

And yet, you feel compelled to remind each and every one of us of these facts. On a daily basis if not more frequently. We see your t-shirts "He's Not My President." "Impeach Bush" and other not-even-vaguely clever sayings that we suspect you wear in the hopes of attracting fellow travelers who might want to sleep with you.

You know, I didn't vote for him either. Never particularly liked him. Was always astounded that this third-generation poster boy for the New England WASPocracy was able to pass himself off as a dumb Bubba. But like the cold weather we've been having these past few weeks, I regard his incompetency as something we have to live through. Not something I need to discuss or be reminded of hourly. I mean it's not like he's gotten more incompetent. Or that Cheney's turned into an even bigger liar. Or that the Neo-Cons are suddenly dancing around singing "Tricked you! Tricked you!" on the White House steps.

So stop already. Find something else to focus on. Stop assuming everyone around you shares your political beliefs. Hard as it is to believe, they may not. (Oh, the "Intolerance of the Truly, Truly Tolerant"). It's never okay to discuss politics and religion with relative strangers or with people you work with. And if your parents had raised you correctly, you'd know that.

There are many, many, many objectionable people in the world who've become successful. Though, granted, few to the level of GW Bush. Still, once we've identified them and agreed on their status, there's not much we can do about it. Repeating the same observations ad nauseum, with no fresh insights is just boring (I'm talking to you, Frank Rich)

So get over it. Please.


Anonymous said...

//It's never okay to discuss politics and religion with relative strangers or with people you work with. And if your parents had raised you correctly, you'd know that.//

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Um, OK. Yeah, people should know better than to talk politics at work or with strangers.

But all Miss Manners lessons aside, I thought this was an advertising blog. What's up with the political post? What's your next one gonna be about? Abortion?

While you're at it, perhaps you should take your own advice and refrain from foisting political discussions onto unsuspecting ad-folk. (I'm assuming most would agree that any post that begins "Dear Loud-Mouthed Liberas" is political.)

In an online sense, then, I'm afraid you're guilty of perpetuating the very kind of misplaced political ranting you claim to despise.

I came here for advertising and I got politics instead.

How rude.

Anonymous said...

I agree, goodforthegander. And what's with this requirement that dissatisfaction/dissention be at least vaguely clever? Sounds like he read the wrong brief.

Alan Wolk said...

So I have readers beyond the 5 or 6 friends who I knew came here on a semi-regular basis.

That, in and of itself, is pretty cool.

I'm not prone to political rants, so you don't have to worry about reading anything about abortion in the coming weeks, Gander.

The post itself was a reaction to the general climate in NYC ad agencies, where Bush Bashing is a daily occurrence and I've found myself warning staffers on more than one occasion that "you know, maybe the client doesn't really care about your views."

And that attitude was mirrored in the constant RoehmRant® that's gone on in so many other ad blogs, where she's been turned into a symbol for all that's wrong with advertising and for everything that's gone wrong with some posters' careers.

And since political sloganeering is a form of advertising, I'm sorry, but I do expect it to be clever. Selling me on an idea is no different than selling me on a product. That was the brief I approved, anyway. Which is a good segue into my next (ad-related) post, which should be up later or tomorrow AM.



*10 points if you can tell me what that's a snarky reference to.

Anonymous said...

Does "Warmly, RK" ring a bell? Could he have sounded more like a character in a chick-lit novel?