Feb 9, 2007

Harbinger of Things To Come?

Article today in the frustratingly unlinkable-because-it's-a-pay-site Wall Street Journal about how online agencies are starting to do offline work.

Big Rollers Agency-dot-com in particular. Seems they've done the online for Ikea in the UK and are now being asked to do print, outdoor and possibly TV.

Not that much of a stretch to see this trend continuing-- clients often give print work to design shops and if agency.com is smart they'll hire at least one or two freelancers who've done TV before to work on it.

Truth is interactive shops can do print every bit as badly as BDAs can, so why not keep it all in one place? And maybe, just maybe, one of those shops will be the one to realize that the big idea can be something online. Not a $1.5 million TV spot. (I know, I know, Crispin already gets that, but they're kind of the only ones...)

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