Feb 4, 2007

Obligatory Super Bowl Post

Feeling a bit under the weather, so blew off Super Bowl party and only have tadpoles and Mrs. T to gauge reaction to spots. So I'm reading/posting on Adfreaks SuperAdfreak blog(s) where they have a bunch of famous ad guys and Joe Jaffe sharing their thoughts.

Serious props to Ogilvy's Chris Wall for being the only one to take the job seriously and providing a close-to-real-time commercial-by-commercial commentary.

Still very scared by the naked old guy humping the car (and damned if I remember whose car it was, so traumatized was I.)


So the naked guys were some college student's contest-winning entry. Now I feel bad about slamming her so hard.

Okay, bad-ish.

Without going into details, nothing stood out. Bud Light and Coke did okay- liked the crabs and the chainsaw for BudLite, the CGI send-off for Coke. Snapple Green Tea was funny and FedEd Turkeyneck made me laugh, but I'm a sucker for those sorts of jokes. Ditto Emerald Nuts/Robert Goulet-- that sort of absurd humor cracks me up every time.

Over on SuperAdFreak.com, the TV-Is-Dead crew showed their true colors from Seth Godin's "I'm done, I can't believe I'm a part of this lowbrow crap" rant at around 9 PM-- WTF- did he think he was judging a Shakesperean sonnet competition-- to Joey J's drunken rants.

Again, these guys ignore the way new media enhances old media, how being about to blog about, post about, obsesses about these Super Bowl spots-- and the ability to watch then ad nauseum on YouTube-- and the ability to follow up the experience online-- makes them more relevant and more of an event than ever. Which does nothing to diminish the power of television.

Fortunately for Tim Nudd, the aforementioned Chris Wall actually did what was asked of him: a just-about-real-time, spot-by-spot analysis. Favorite comment of all however, was David Lubars' passive-aggressive swipe at Eric Silver over the FedEx ads.

Night friends.

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