Feb 18, 2007

Toad's Friday Fave (3 days late) - #4

Do I love this commercial?
Not really. It's a B, B+
So why the "Friday Fave" status?

Because you know it was a bitch of a brief. "None of that fucking clever scheiss Bogusky. Ve vant price ads und you vill give us price ads. Schnell!!!"

And this is an "A" for a retail price ad the client made you do. Nice film, interesting premise, product and price are the punchlines, not an afterthought and they're what you walk away with.

My only complaint is that it's hard to understand "V-Dub" when the guy shouts it out- I had to wait for the super to figure out who it was for. Ditto the rest of the campaign- not sure why they just didn't say "V-W" given how annoyingly frat-guy-trying-to-be-street "V-Dub" is to begin with.

And yeah, it's too bad the suicide prevention guys got all bent out of shape about this spot. Guess they were feeling powerful after their success with getting that GM spot off the air. And so "V-Dub" just caved


Jon Fredkove said...

nice blog. i found it through jaffejuice.

i agree with your choice to make this a friday fave.

i'm leaving a comment cuz this ad actually worked for me. it entertained me, and made me act.

i am pretty sure i fit the consumer profile VW is targeting with this ad. i am looking to buy a car and i was checking out toyota, from the camry down to the yaris. this ad actually made me visit the jetta and rabbit sites to do some comparing.

i thought the "3 v-dubs" idea (i like the term v-dub by the way) was a great way to make a stupid price ad a little more provocative and meaningful to me, since it gave me 3 ways to "get into" a vw.

i loved how the guy stutters at the end. it made me agree with him more. i liked it.

i love reality tv, though. :)

Alan Wolk said...

Thanks for the props Johnny Ringo.

Now the $64,000 question though, is which car did you end up buying?