Feb 7, 2007

We've Got Fans

Stumbled upon a blog called AdJab in a link from Joe Jaffe's always-opinionated, often-interesting, frequently incorrect, TV-Is-Dead blog JaffeJuice.

And it (AdJab) appears to be people from outside the industry offering commentary on ads theye love. I mean check out this luv-fest for those clenched-sphincter inducing "Tony Sinclair" spots that Grey does for Tanqueray. 22 comments on it, no less.

It's an ego boost for those of us in the business, the fact that we have, well, fans. And the internet gives them a place to show their love and discuss commercials above and beyond the water cooler. I mean AdCritic.com, if you remember, was started by some non-industry guy who just loved commercials.

(This post reminds me of one of my favorite ad columns, written years ago by (I think) Doug DeGrood, who at the time was at Fallon. He said that when people on airplanes find out he's in advertising and ask him what campaigns he worked on, rather than tell them that he just did a mailer for the local ad club that won a Gold Pencil and got into D&AD, he just takes credit for the most recent Pepsi or Nike spot, figuring the odds are pretty good that they won't know the actual copywriter. Always sounded like a good theory on this end.)

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