Feb 5, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback

So the USA Today Super Bowl ad polls are in. Sort of like the People's Choice awards. Not a whole lot of surprise there.

Except maybe the fact that "Rock, Paper, Scissors" came in #3-- I saw that coming from a mile away, plus we'd seen it before with Nextel (Sprint?) and on "Wedding Crashers."

Or that the FedEx "Moon" spot came in 8th. Didn't think it was that funny, especially compared to last years Dino-spot. Or even compared to "Mr. TurkeyNeck." (And apparently, Dave Lubars agrees with me).

And of course Consumer Generated Content (CCG) scored big: The Doritos spot was at #4 and the NFL spot at #12.

Fortunately the game itself was pretty exciting, what with the rain and all the turnovers. And what percentage of sports columnists will be writing some variation of "from now on the Super Bowl should only be played in a domed stadium" today?

Two more surprises: Fallon was responsible for the Garmin spot (at least according to Adcritic) and the Bud Light "English Language Class" spot was done by one of its Hispanic agencies, LatinWorks Marketing. The formers is surprising because the spot wasn't very good; the latter because they didn't get a whole lot of press for what was a very funny spot.

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