Feb 5, 2007

False Accusations

So some knucklehead named Sean Kegelman (who apparently works at Digitas) insults Chris Wall on his SuperAdFreak blog and guess who gets blamed for it?

Yours truly.

Guess Wall misread who posted what. Which is a shame, because I'm in agreement with what Wall said.

Wall has kindly acknowledged his mistake on the SAF blog. The world is once again safe for democracy.


HighJive said...

yeah, but wait until wall finds out your other online identity is sean kegelman.

just kidding.

Alan Wolk said...

He works at Digitas, HJ. No one is safe from the might Google machine:


HighJive said...

jeez, do you also have his social security number and naked pics of his wife?

Alan Wolk said...

Well she's not exactly naked...

Seriously though, just put in his name and that was one of the first hits.

If you want to see something really scary, check out zabasearch.com - put in your own name- it comes back with just about every address you've ever lived at, plus the year and month of your birth. A few clicks and it has your family members names. It's often incorrect, but when it's right, it's scary.

Anonymous said...

Her name's MaryBeth.
He just turned 35 in December, she just turned 36.
They live near Brandeis
He runs or at least he used to.