Jan 11, 2008

And Another Thing

As per my Marian Popcorn post, I wanted to add that one of the things that's going to help with TV's resurgence is the tight election race(s) and Beijing Summer Olympics.

With every primary poised to change the equation for both parties, people are going to be turning to CNN and NBC for their news, preferring the group hug feeling of mass media (as well as the immediacy and credibility).

At the same time, they'll be listening to various experts explain what this all means, which will remind them that there are usually valid reasons that people are considered experts.

And when they're not watching Hillary and Obama duke it out, they'll turn their attention to the Beijing Olympics. And while sporting events can be recorded and watched later on, doing so definitely takes some of the fun out of it.

Now mind you, I'm not predicting the death of online or even a bad cold. Just saying that the confluence of events will remind people (and marketers are people) that television still plays a very large role in our lives.

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