Jan 14, 2008

Who Needs Ad School

There's a rollicking discussion of ad schools over on G. Parker's Madscam blog.

But browsing about Adpulp, another favorite blog, I found the ad you see above.

$650,000 a month is a lot of scratch. I mean that's around $22,000/day on a 5-day week.

Now who is this Clayton Makepeace? Well just Google his name and you'll find he's done his SEO and SEM homework. He's got every hit on the first page plus every paid link on the right-hand side.

He's got a number of businesses, all of which promise to make you an incredibly rich copywriter like "copywriting legend Gary Bencivenga"

But to give you an idea of the league we're playing in, he does note that:
Maybe you’ve invested some time and money into learning “salesmanship in print” through one of the excellent books and courses offered by American Writers & Artists Institute and others.

Not sure about you all, but I'm guessing the American Writers & Artists Institute is not a direct competitor of VCU BrandCenter or Miami Ad School.

But that's the rub. I'm sure Clayton Makepeace does make a boatload of money. As does Gary Bencivenga. There's a whole world of agencies and creatives out there - DM, medical, classified, who are in the same business we are, but forsook the glamor for the cash and are raking it in.

Just something to think about.

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