Jan 30, 2008

Hipster Hubbub

So I posted my old tirade "Not Everyone Is An Upscale Urban 30something White Male Hipster" over at Beyond Madison Avenue and it's generating a whole lot of buzz, mostly from the hipsters in question, who seemed to regard it as either a personal affront or a call to give One Show pencils to ads for DTC bladder control pills.

Either way, they all seemed to miss the point, which is that having just one prevailing aesthetic in advertising means we tend to judge every piece of advertising according to that aesthetic in determining what we consider "good" or "breakthrough."

Getting the point, however, was our new friend Agency Spy, who gave the post a favorable call-out. (And found a much better picture of a hipster than I did.)

What as most interesting to me, is that this is the second time that post has run-- I've also put it up on MP Daily Fix. The comments at Daily Fix were a world away from the ones at BMA and AgencySpy. Completely different takes, completely different upshot.

Which perhaps just shows the importance of media placement.

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