Jan 15, 2008

Obligatory Apple Air Post

You've got to hand it to Apple: they've done it again.

Come out with the product that everyone's going to want.

The product no one knew they wanted yesterday, but somehow everyone wants today.

And they've done it in their inimitable Total Branding Experience style. It's imbued into everything from the idea behind the actual computer to its design to the video (featured above) they created (and thoughtfully placed on YouTube) to give you a "tour."

Featuring a Steve Jobs-esque Apple Store employee named John, perfectly cast and wardrobed (he's in his late 40s, wears his salt'n'pepper hair in a youthful "Ross" hairstyle and sports a plain long-sleeved black t-shirt, the better to show off the Air.) I mean the whole thing just says "Isn't this cool. Isn't this worth paying a few dollars more for?" The whole launch is perfectly in keeping with their aesthetic, every bit of it. (Except maybe the line "thinnovation." Punny, but somehow forgivable.)

Now of course not everyone is going to want a machine like this or be entranced by their marketing. But enough people will that I'd call it another genius move on their part. (And reserve the right to change that opinion if The Real Digital Revolution™ kicks in and all the reviews on all the tech sites say it's a piece of crap!)

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