Jan 18, 2008

C(B)GC I Like

That's Chris Bosh-Generated Content.

Bosh, for those of you who don't closely follow the NBA, is a forward for the Toronto Raptors and something of a rising star. The NBA All-Star team is chosen by fan balloting, hence the video. 

Bosh has cleverly realized that people are brands and that Your Brand Is Not My Friend™ does not apply to sports and entertainment figures-- these are brands that fans very much want to be friends with.

He's also figured out that the most successful sports figure brands are those with distinct personalities: Steve Nash, the cerebral point guard; Peyton and Eli Manning, the slightly goofball nice guy brothers; Derek Jeter, the playboy.

Bosh claims he spent $20 to create this video - the cost of the cowboy hat. It's clever, funny, and reveals a side to him that most fans never see. With close to 400,000 hits on YouTube to date, it seems like a very wise investment on his part. One that may eventually lead to an even more lucrative endorsement contract.

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