Apr 7, 2008

BS08: The Frontier Social

So about 8 months ago (give or take) CK of CK's Blog, started telling me about something called "Blogger Social" and lecturing me on how important is was that I go to it.

Now even at that point, I should have known to always trust CK. But the idea of spending a weekend with a bunch of people I barely knew who'd all be calling me "Toad" was about the last thing I wanted to do. So I kept hoping she'd drop it and every time she'd ask me about it, I'd just change the subject or pretend I didn't hear her or something.

Until finally I gave in and actually mailed the check to Drew McLellan (about 2 weeks late, if I recall.)

Smartest move I ever made.

Thank you CK. For not letting me weasel out of it. This was one of the best weekends of my life. I met so many very cool, very smart, very unique people. (All of whom I will forever think of as "@johndoe" but that's another story.) Learned a whole lot. And realized just how much I love writing this blog and the contacts and conversations it brings.

I'll let others-- the ones who actually had the foresight to bring cameras and recording devices and whatnot to the event-- describe the actual festivities (which were far more organized and professional than I'd ever imagined.)

Though I will pass along one observation: I had at least a dozen different conversations there, the gist of which was "I feel like I'm out in the wilderness of Wyoming back in 1851, sending reports from the frontier out the folks back East." These are some pretty heady times we live in and it confirmed that this feeling isn't just in my head. (Or maybe we're all just delusional?)

But mostly I wanted to use this post to thank CK. For finding me. For chatting me up to Ann Handley which lead to the gig on MP DailyFix. And mostly for talking me into the very wonderful thing called BS08.

Thank you.

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