Apr 11, 2008

Zappos And The Great Twitter Give-Away

So Zappos.com's CEO Tony Hsieh is on Twitter today promising a free pair of shoes to one of his Twitter followers at 9 PM today. It was an idea suggested by one of his Twitter followers, a guy named Pokai, who writes the blog Shiny, Happy People.

He updated the deal a little while later to allow the winner to also give free shoes to 10 of his/her Twitter friends.

This is just brilliant for so many reasons. Tony has been on Twitter for a while and actually uses it-- he tweets about his life, business things-- he has conversations with people on it, something certain other Twitter proponents don't.

The shoe give-away is sure to get lots of press, even if just in the blogosphere, since it's the first corporate Twitter stunt (or at least the first that I'm aware of and I tend to know everything.)

And it makes me like him and his company. Zappos is decidedly not a Prom King Brand™, but giving away shoes and using Twitter like that makes me think "hey, this guy gets it."

Which is always a good thing because it makes me more prone to listen to him and to his company's message.

(And if any of you guys win, I'm an 11 Narrow.)

UPDATE: Check out Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh's timely comment and offer to help out frequent commenter "Toad's Sixth Reader" with a customer service issue. Power of 2.0 at work.
Hsieh is also continuing the give-away by selecting two Twitter followers to fly out to Las Vegas and tour Zappos' operations there.

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