Apr 7, 2008

Why We Twitter

My buddy Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus (the people who brought you the hilarious "Interview with Ari Gold" promo for HBO's Entourage) came up with this great chart you see here to explain the value of Twitter.

As more people talk about Twitter and it goes mainstream, there's going to be an acceptance curve that starts with initial skepticism and ends in full embrace.

But I have yet to see something that explains it as neatly and succinctly as the above chart does. (That, or as I told Ian, he's found a really clever way to enable my Twitter addiction.)


Mark Schoneveld said...

Great graphic. Absolutely.

raafi said...

Count me as one of the unconverted. This, however, explains its value better than anything I've seen. Hmm, curiosity piqued.

Anonymous said...

Love this graphic. And I agree.. I love it when folks enable my addictions!! It allows me to rationalize nicely.

Mario Vellandi said...

Toad - Twitter is the best medium; but I've adjusted my follow settings to request-first and have cut down on the number of individuals I follow. Relevancy and productivity are more important to me right now than mere volume. Kind of blows, but I'm tired of skimming people I don't know and getting email follow notices from spammers and indifferent folk.