Apr 2, 2008

More Updates From The Real Digital Revolution

One of the main tenets of the "The Real Digital Revolution" is that nothing kills a good ad faster than a bad website review of the product. So that all the charming, brand-enhancing advertising in the world won't do you a lick of good if I go online and find that no one (peers or experts) really likes the product.

And since this theory holds doubly true for high-ticket items, I thought that this snippet of a review of the charming VW spot above from The Truth About Cars, was particularly telling:
VW seems to have an extremely low opinion of its buyers. Then again, given VW’s poor reliability, high cost of maintenance and repair, and high price points, maybe VW knows exactly what it's doing.

But that's sort of my point: if all the buzz online about VW the car is negative, no amount of positive buzz about VW, the commercial is going to help them sell cars.

Thanks to Danny G. at the always excellent Adpulp for this story.

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