Apr 18, 2008

Three (Not-so) Newcomers

Just wanted to call your attention to three new(ish) ad bloggers who are well worth reading.

daily (ad)biz is written by a late 20something copywriter (and Minnesota transplant) at a New York agency who is trying to make sense of the business. He's a smart guy with an original voice who sees the hypocrisy in so much of the business and isn't afraid to mention it. He's also a great source of some of the really fresh new work that's being done. What's more, he cites me frequently in his posts and really, what greater proof of genius is there ;)

AdBroad is a copywriter-of-a-certain age, who's been working in the biz since the 1970s and has great perspective on all the changes that have occurred over the past decades. She's also a long-time freelancer here in NYC and her thoughts and observations on agency culture are frequently hilarious and always insightful.

DearJaneSample is a young account executive working for a boutique agency in Toronto. Jane doesn't want to be a creative and sounds like she's an excellent AE, the kind you wish you had on every account. She's wickedly funny, and not easily intimidated by the political machinations that constantly go on around her.

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