Apr 27, 2008

On MP Daily Fix: The Right Time And Place: Reading vs Watching vs Talking

Rubicon Consulting came out with an interesting study earlier this month about the iPhone and how people are using it. There were a number of key findings you can read about there or on PSFK. But the one I want to focus on—because I see it happening more and more—is that people are carrying two phones.

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Eaon Pritchard said...

apparently Nokia sell more phones in a day than iphones sold in a year (projected i suppose). dont have the stats to hand but i read it somewhere.

Anonymous said...

the iphone is amazing. it's not a phone really at all. the phone part is the least of it really.

i no longer really need my laptop or my ipod. i look back on my Razr like it was steam-operated. what were they thinking??????