Jan 21, 2008

Five Things I Learned From The MacBook Air

Thanks to all of you who weighed in on my earlier post about the Apple MacBook Air. Your insights helped me put together "Five Things I Learned From The MacBook Air" which is the featured post on Marketing Prof's Daily Fix today. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

the thing the likes of dell tend to forget about apple is that excellent marketing is just one part of a truly excellent organization. everything about apple is excellent. their recycling program is probably excellent. they don't have non-dairy creamer anywhere in their building. etc.

Alan Wolk said...


And you know that the (organic) milk and the coffee are served in stylized white carafes that match the decor of the room.

Stanley Johnson said...

That manila envelope will still be talked about ten years from now. Good post over on the Profs.

Anonymous said...

Low cost is not something to build a brand on, as Dell and Wal*Mart and others are finding. But it's hard to build a brand on other attributes, though Apple does it so well.

Toad's Sixth Reader points at a good reason why: they are a good organization through and through. It makes advertising for it easier.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been a Mac addict from when they first came out back in tha day. One thing that I notice with the release of each new must-have toy: they always seem to initially misjudge the amount of hard drive space/memory people want.

Now, this may be part of iGod’s get them drooling and then leave ’em wanting more strategy more than it’s about them being incapable of pulling it off technically.

But what’s the complaint you most often hear about their stuff when it first comes out? It’s not “I wish it did this...” rather, “I wish it had more...”

Seems to me he has Apple Nation at such a fever pitch, it’s not a question of if they’ll pay more for a new feature like memory–they will–but they can’t because it just may not be available.

I know Apple is selling sizzle here, but why give competitors a chance to move in and offer something you should be able to easily enough?

Anonymous said...


one possibility~

chinese god of fortune and jolly vs Guatama Siddhartha, a life of wealth and then asceticism

Read up on your different buddhas and enlighten up.

Anonymous said...


the simple answer is apple has NO competition. they don't. you'd think sony would be mad to reclaim portable music but apparently they aren't. or more likely, can't.

apple's execution is flawless. that's daunting. i'm not sure any brand has been quite here before. it's new territory.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nancy, but I like it in the shadows. It's somehow, comforting.

Also, just saw over on Brandflakes: Mac Nation has their own film.

Anonymous said...


Okay, I understand.

it is embarrassing, but this machead stuff hit me. It is true. It was in the air. In the dang air that I unpacked in my first studio display screen.

Actually it was before. It wisped in front of me in the 1980s not far from VA beach, when my children played on macs in preschool. It was a bigger hint when in 1991 we bought our first PC, and I looked over my shoulder at the Apple Store in some foreign capital.

When I was the one to push the shopping cart button here, I knew I was not in control of my own emotions about a silly machine and what it can signify.